25 Brilliantly Simple Web Page Designs

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25 Brilliantly Simple Web Page Designs

Sometimes a site can be stunningly beautiful even if there is not much content cowlick studios web design on it. This style is difficult to pull off without looking boring.

We will look at 25 sites that we think are correct. We will discuss why these designs work well and then we will look at some examples.

Beyond Minimalism: The Power of a Focal Point

The trend of minimalist is huge. There are many articles and showcases on every design website. I will give you an example.

This is a great example of minimalist design The design is simple and clean. There is still a lot going on in the page design, but it is nicely organized.

The power of one is the focus of our showcase today. A site that has a single focal point and little else. The sites below show that great design doesn’t always mean complex or highly structured.

Think about how the focal point of the site grabs your attention. Does it make you want to visit the site? Does it make the site stand out? The psychology of a design can affect how you act.

25 Brilliantly Simple Designs

I put in my two cents on some of the things that I found noteworthy.

I love how this site looks, even though a single giant circle is pretty boring. The colors bring in a lot of interest.

An abstract shape with strong lines and lots of contrast makes for something you can’t help but notice.

The large graphic makes a strong statement, even though the text is hard to read.

The circles used in this design are very heavy. One reason we see this is that they are harder to work into.

The color bars make a simple and fun statement, and they double as the site navigation.

Here you are allowing the artist to do all the work and giving him beautiful elements to display.

A strong photo is one of the most powerful. It’s possible to have a floating one on a page.

Adelle has a clever site that shows her personality and style. If you have some really great photos of yourself, you can use them as the basis for a personal portfolio.

The use of negative space is noted. The choice of texture and color is attractive.

His website is simple and has a self-portrait on it.

Show Us Yours!

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. We can check your designs out if you leave a link to your own design.

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