A 1985 Video By Carl Sagan On Climate Change Is Terribly Topical

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Carl Sagan is undoubtedly one of the most famous astronomers, scientific spreaders and science fiction authors of all time. During his life he fought hard to make the science of “public domain” become, trying to make it known to anyone. Today we want to present a 1985 video of Sagan talking about climate change.

If you think it’s a thorny subject of “the last few days” you’re wrong. In the 1980s the damage of climate change was already well known and even oil multinationals were well aware of it. Carl Sagan was the one who spoke to the United States Congress about the subject in 1985.

“The power of human beings to influence, control and change the environment is growing as our technology grows and, at the moment, we have clearly reached the stage where we are able – both intentionally and inadvertently – to make significant changes in the climate and the environment. We probably did things like this, on a small scale, for a very long time,” said the astronomer (as you will see in the video above).

Unfortunately, despite Sagan’s speech, very little has been done since 1985 to try to limit the damage of climate change… and we are only recently considering this issue. “Because the effects occupy more than one human generation, there is a tendency to say that they are not our problem,” said the scientific spreader, continuing the talk.

“We are transmitting extremely serious problems to our children when the time is now to solve them.” Never were words truer than these.

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