A Billionaire Wants To Build A Utopian City: First Residents Already In 2030

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Marc Lore is a billionaire who in the past occupied the role of president and CEO of Walmart’s online shopping division. According to the billionaire, his goal is to build a “Utopian city” in the United States.

It would be called “Telosa,” referring to a term used by Aristotle, “Telos.” This week three concepts were published about the city, produced by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), a Danish architecture firm that has committed to designing the metropolis. The city’s size would be about 60,000 hectares, and it aims to accommodate about 5 million people by 2060.

The place has not yet been chosen, but it could be built somewhere in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona or Texas. “What we are trying to do is combine the best of the different cities in the world and put it together,” said Lore in a promotional video that exposes his plans.

The intention is to create a “vibrant and diverse” city like New York, combined with “efficiency, security and cleanliness” of a city like Tokyo, taking example from the “social services and sustainability” of a city like Stockholm. The city aims to be fed with a renewable energy system and fresh water will be stored, cleaned and reused on site.

The utopian place will be part of a sort of “community” in which everyone will play their part. “What if I could pay the same taxes you pay today, but get the best social services in any country in the world?” says Lore. Telosa will welcome its first residents in 2030, but it is hoped to raise the first money to start the project through the help of private investors, philanthropists and subsidies.

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