A Brand New Type Of Nebula Has Been Discovered And It’s Incredible

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Nebulae are the true works of art of the Universe. Recently, a team of astronomers reported the discovery of a new type of nebula around binary stars that they decided to call “galactic emission nebula.”

At the center of the discovery we have the binary star YY Hya, composed of an orange dwarf and a white dwarf. The two stars nested inside a shared shell of gas emitted by the star which eventually became a white dwarf. Inside this common shell, however, both stars continue to evolve as if they were sun.

“Inside the gas shell, the cores of the two stars are practically undisturbed and follow their evolution as individual independent stars,” said Stefan Kimeswenger of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, The amazing thing is that this envelope is vast more than 15 light years.

“The diameter of the main cloud is 15.6 light years, almost 1 million times larger than the distance of the Earth from the Sun and much larger than the distance of our Sun from its nearest star. Since the object is slightly above the Milky Way, the nebula has been able to develop largely undisturbed by other clouds in the surrounding gas,” Kimeswenger finally states.

Speaking of nebulae, here is the mystery behind the “Blue Ring Nebula.”

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