A Geological Passage Under Panama Has Been Found, That’s What It Means.

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Recently, according to a new study published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers have discovered a “secret geological passage” under Panama located about 100 km below the earth’s surface. The opening could allow the materials of the mantle to travel from under the Galápagos Islands to Panama.

The discovery could also help explain why Panama has very few active volcanoes. In fact, on the west coast of Central America, it is known that the tectonic plaque of Cocos – in the eastern Pacific Ocean region – is pushing the oceanic crust under the continental crust of the tectonic plates of North America, the Caribbean and Panama. This is a “subduction zone” in the jargon that feeds what is called the Central American “volcanic arc” (by the way, this would happen if all the volcanoes of the Earth were to erupt simultaneously).

This arch is about 1,500 kilometers long and stops right near Panama… and perhaps researchers have also discovered the reason. The researchers, during a study on the region, were intent on studying molecular isotopes ratios, variations of the same atoms with a different number of neutrons in their nuclei, and concentrated on helium and lead isotopes.

However, experts have discovered something strange: “in particular places in Central America, in Western Panama and behind the volcanic arc in Costa Rica, we have some exotic signatures that really resemble those of the Galápagos Islands” said David Be

It is something unique, because it is impossible that elements of the Galápagos cloak can be found in Panama. By examining the area, the workers found a kind of “tunnel”; the result of a natural and pre-existing fracture in the crust of Cocos in subduction that lets the materials pass, from one side to the other – as if it were a “window”

Here materials could move through Panama Fracture Zone – called the newly discovered area – or, the circulatory movements of the mantle materials would naturally push the gases beyond the crack. Do you know, moreover, that the deepest earthquake ever detected has recently been detected?

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