A Great Discovery Was Made About A Skeleton In A Roman Camp

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In a new study published in British Archaeology magazine, archaeologists made a great discovery within an ancient Roman settlement found in Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, which dates back to the late 1st or early 2nd century It all started with a skeleton of a man who was about 25-35 years old.

Researchers found a nail stuck in the heel of the skeleton. This seems to be a (rare) proof of a Roman crucifixion. “He stunned us, slightly,” said Insider David Ingham, project manager of Albion Archaeology, who led the excavation (some time ago, instead, 1,500 skeletons of Period E were found).

After consulting an expert in human bones and excluding several theories, archaeologists confirmed that the nail was forced through the foot of the victim during an ancient Roman crucifixion (by the way, here is the true aspect of some emperors This is the fourth discovery of this type to be found in the world, and it is the best preserved of all.

It is believed that crucifixion was common in Roman times, but finding sources to affirm it is not easy. In this case, in fact, it is only the second time that a nail is found in a skeleton, while in the other two cases – found in Italy and Egypt – the nail was missing. “Everyone knows the crucifixion through Christianity,” says Ingham. “There were actually many different ways in which the Romans crucified people. So it is not only the classical image, high on the cross, open arms, open feet, united feet.”

According to experts, in fact, crucified persons could have been tied to the cross rather than nailed. The nails were most likely used to immobilize the ill-behaved, causing them to use their feet to facilitate their position. “It was relatively common, but [the crucifixion] was reserved for the most serious crimes,” the expert finally said.

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