A New “Super-Moon” Was Found Outside The Solar System And Is Huge

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More than 4,000 planets in the Universe have been confirmed, but we have not found any moon. Considering that there are more satellites in our Solar System than planets, the proportion should also apply to the planets in the Universe. However, for obvious reasons, we haven’t found anything yet… until now.

A moon appears to have been discovered in 2017 by the Cool Worlds team at Columbia University who reported an object the size of a planet that seemed to be associated with an even larger planet. Now in Nature Astronomy magazine, the same team announced that they had conducted a new discovery.

This “exoluna” would seem to orbit around Kepler 1708b, a planet that is 5,500 light years away from us. If it were real, the moon would be called Kepler 1708b-i. This celestial body has a 2.6-fold radius of the Earth, which makes it a probable gaseous world rather than a rocky object (by the way, do you know that some time ago the first planet that orbits around three stars was discovered?).

Such a big moon is difficult to think of, but according to experts Kepler 1708b-i could have been a separate planet, captured after a close encounter with the planet Kepler 1708b. Such an event is unlikely, but considering all systems that exist in the Universe, it is not something impossible.

“It could be just a data error, due to the star or instrumental noise,” said Professor Eric Agol of the University of Washington, who was not involved in the study. The confirmation will require the use of the Hubble telescope (which recently reached the record of 1 billion seconds) or perhaps in the future of the James Webb; however, the possibilities will only occur every two years, during the alignment of this system.

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