A Professor At Mit Warns: “We Are On The Brink Of A Mass Extinction Event”

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Climate warming threatens humans. This is certainly not new and the issue is also serious. Daniel Rothman, professor of geophysics, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) even says that we are on the verge of mass extinction.

According to the professor, human carbon cycle breaks will eventually lead to calamities for humanity. “Every time there was an important event in life history, there was also a great disturbance in the environment,” Rothamn told The Times of Israel. “These are two things that tend to come together.”

These conclusions came after the expert examined the mass extinction events of the past, during which an increase in the rate of change in the carbon cycle occurred. In short, there is a “limited” amount of carbon that can be fed into our atmosphere or oceans.

Rothamn even calculated this figure: the threshold for carbon in the ocean is about 300 gigatonnes – and humanity could exceed this figure in 2100 when 500 gigatonnes are placed in the ocean. From this point of view, therefore, the Earth could reach a new mass extinction.

It is no secret that humanity is recreating the conditions that existed during mass extinction… and it is virtually certain that humanity has already started the sixth mass extinction.

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