A Traffic Light Collapsed In Japan Because Of The Dog Pee.

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In the prefecture of Mie in Kansai, Honshu, Japan, the competent authorities were really speechless after the collapse of a traffic light (luckily without harming anyone). “What’s the matter, it can happen,” you say, but the culprit seems to have been the urine of dogs. Yes, you read well.

Such a structure is designed to last 50 years and experts certainly did not expect it to have such a powerful enemy. The traffic light, in fact, lasted “only” 23 years since its installation.

Japanese experts wanted to understand the reason for this “engineering imperfection,” and it was discovered that the ground floors of urea were 42 times higher than other nearby traffic lights, while at the edge of the column the concentration was even 8 times greater.

urea is a waste product found in urine and experts, analyzing this very fact, have managed to understand the reason for the collapse. Mammal urine can corrode metal, as it was observed on this occasion. Obviously, it was not a single case that caused the pole to collapse, but the same gesture repeated several times a day over the decades.

“Even if the amount of urine is minimal, repetition for a long time can damage public infrastructure and cause its collapse,” said police officer Takahashi Koji, who serves in the traffic management and control division. Surely a really bizarre case and, in some ways, really unexpected.

Speaking of strangeness and Japan: a Gundam was built another 18 meters and perfectly functioning; while every eight years the country is “invaded” by swarms of millipes.

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