Abandon The Use Of Coal By 2050 Or The Risk Of Catastrophe: Here Is The Study

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Scientists have said that coal and fossil fuel deposits must be abandoned as soon as possible, in order to prevent the average global temperature from rising above the fateful “+1.5 °C” imposed by the Paris agreements as a “point of no return.”

According to a recent study published in Nature, most fossil fuels in the world must be considered no longer removable, and must remain underground if climate change is to be expected to not further worsen the situation in the coming decades.

For example, countries such as Indonesia and Australia – which are among the world’s leading coal exporters – will have to give up by 2050 about 90% of their coal fields in order to avoid exceeding the so-called “limit of the Paris climate agreements,”

The same must be done by the nations of the Middle East and especially the United States, which will have to say goodbye to at least 97% of their coal and its exploitation. They are obviously just some of the countries that have more work to do, but in reality each government must play its part, even the smallest ones or the least polluting ones.

According to the analysis carried out by scientists, the entire planet will have to say goodbye to coal within the next decades, in order to avoid the inevitable rise in global temperatures. The subject is obviously to be extended to other types of fossil fuels, from which we are still so desperately dependent.

The authors of the study say that after 2050, the only thing that will still be worth using fossil fuels will be the production of raw materials and for the petrochemical industry. In general, a global energy transition should be achieved, a complex and almost impossible project, yet necessary.

In the research published in Nature, we can finally read how to discourage this dependence on fossil fuels, perhaps they support by developing policies that reduce demand, through higher taxes and bans and promoting alternative sources and less polluting.

A problem that more and more private nations and societies are taking to heart, and that we hope will really make a difference for our children and for the children of our children.

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