According To A Famous Physicist, Scientists Should Have An “Open Mind” About Ufos

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The famous theoretical physicist, as well as scientific popularizer, Michio Kaku is a great supporter of the existence of life in the Universe. Recently, in fact, he has come back to talk again on the subject, this time asking his colleagues to “keep an open mind” about UFOs.

More specifically, Kaku says that there is a possibility that UFOs are millions of years more technologically advanced than humans. “I think it’s a legitimate scientific question to ask where these UFO sightings come from,” said the physicist in a tweet. “Imagine if aliens are millions of years more advanced than we are; new laws of physics are opened, so you must keep an open mind.

Michio Kaku is not new to such statements and over the years his speeches have left no room for imagination. Early this year, for example, the physicist told the Guardian journalists that humans are on their way to discover alien life within a century thanks to technological advances in tools such as the James Webb telescope.

Nevertheless, the expert suggests that contacting these life forms could be a bad idea. ♪ There are some of my colleagues who believe we should contact them. I think it’s a bad idea,” he told the Guardian. ♪ We all know what happened in Montezuma when he met Cortés in Mexico hundreds of years ago”.

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