According To A Report, Sales Of Folding Smartphones Will Increase By 1000% In 2022

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According to several reports, 2022 could be the year of folding smartphones, both in terms of volume of devices produced and sold and for the popularity of folders on the market. This is supported by a comment from the Chinese Tipster Digital Chat Station, according to which the prices of folding devices will fall in 2022.

In particular, according to Digital Chat Station, the prices of foldable and non-foldable devices will become very similar from next year: in other words, from 2022 onwards, folding smartphones could start at the cost of

The reduction in the market price of folding should be ensured by the combination of several factors: firstly, the prices of folding screens have decreased because the technologies used in their creation have improved; then, the increase in production has allowed the creation of economies of scale, which reduce the cost of the

Price improvements should be seen in particular on clamshell devices such as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and only later should they pass through portfolio devices, such as Samsung’s Z Fold series, also because the process

According to a Counterpoint Research analysis, sales of foldable smartphones will increase by 1000%, or ten times, by 2023, thanks to lower prices and the entry of more and more manufacturers into the fold market. In particular, it is currently Samsung that dominates the foldable market with a percentage of more than 90% of the total devices sold: already this month, however, both OPPO and Huawei will present new folding smartphones, probably with a

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