After An Earthquake In Mexico, Lights Are Seen In The Sky: Here Are The Mysterious “Telluric Lights”

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Last Wednesday in Mexico, in Acapulco on the Pacific coast, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit the tourist city of Guerrero and, despite the damage and there were several landslides on a main road, the earthquake did not

As the buildings trembled, the city’s inhabitants observed in the sky mysterious blue lights. Something certainly frightening, so much so that people on Twitter used the hashtag “#Apocalypsis” indicating a sort of “end of the world.”

Troy Shinbrot, physicist at Rutgers University, believes that blue lights are not an indication that the world is ending, since it would have ended a few centuries ago… since it is not the first time that humanity has witnessed such a phenomenon “If so,” explains Shinbrot, “the apocalypse would have happened a thousand years ago when the phenomenon was first discovered”.

These “seismic lights” or “telluric lights” have already been documented in the past. Some scientists think that these glows are generated by friction of rocks near the earth’s crust, releasing energy into the atmosphere. According to the scientist of the United States Geological Survey, Austin Elliott, the lights after the earthquake were simply caused by the oscillation of the electrical grid cables that collided with other lines, trees or buildings.

The less sceptical is Manuel Cruz Atienza, a seismologist of the Autonomous National University of Mexico, who believes in the phenomenon, but he claims that what he saw in Mexico is nothing more than the electrical activity caused by a shower. “We can’t be sure the earthquake caused the lights we saw last night,” says Cruz Atienza. “Most notably considering that a shower was happening.”

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