Aggressive Telemarketing: The Most Anticipated News From Users Comes

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The Government’s LD Capacities brings with it an important novelty also from the front of the wild telemarketing. The novelty is expected since 2010 and finally is preparing to enter into force, for the contentment of all users stormed by calls to call center.

In this case, the Decree law in question should solve some problems that have made practically useless the register of oppositions, that is the instrument that allows to insert your phone number in the black list of call centers that offer offers or other.

Until now, in fact, the opposition register allowed the insertion only of the fixed numbers inserted within the national telephone directory. This limitation, however, opened the door to aggressive telemarketing even on smartphones, since call centers could have access to other lists.

With the change in the regulations in question, users will have the possibility to enter their mobile phone number in this list, to avoid unpleasant calls at any time of the day and often also on Saturday and Sunday. But be careful: this novelty is not yet operational and the Government will have to develop an ad hoc decree, which should include not only limitations for calls from operators, but also automated ones that are increasingly widespread.

In the meantime, however, we refer you to our study that explains how to understand if it calls a call center.

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