Alaska Hit By An Icemageddon: That’s What Happened

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Icemageddon, this is the neologism created by the Department of Transportation of the State of Alaska, to describe the cold situation unprecedented, which saw huge ice slabs block the roads and suffocate traffic throughout Fairbanks, the second city

“We are experiencing an unprecedented series of winter storms,” said a spokesperson for the department through a message on Twitter.

Scientists have reported that the uncontrolled use of fossil fuels, along with other uncontrolled human activities, has changed the climate, making it increasingly unpredictable and subject to wild fluctuations.

Rick Thoman, a weather specialist at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, described the conditions of the last few days as “extremely unusual.”

There have been very particular and different weather events, such as the peak of heat on the island of Kodiak that led the thermometers to touch almost 20 degrees centigrade (the hottest December temperature ever recorded in Alaska), and then see the 25

Unstable weather continues to cause great concern, for example by creating problems at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, with hundreds of flights cancelled or delayed, or in California where snow and persistent rain continue to cause difficulties, with localized floods

A period that saw many records in negative, such as the area of Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada, where some months ago forest fires caused the escape of residents, and which now was buried by a strong snowfall, leaving

The latest climate report also states that we have broken a record of 125000 years, demonstrating how unparalleled global warming is leading to a drift, and 99% of studies say that climate change is our fault.

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