Alexa Challenges A Child With A Dangerous Challenge: Amazon Runs To The Shelter Immediately

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He is making a lot of talk about Alexa’s “challenge” to a child, to the point that Amazon was forced to intervene with an emergency software update to remove voice command. As reported by Sky News, in fact, the voice assistant proposed to a child to try the “outlet challenge” or “penny challenge.”

For those who do not know it, it is a challenge that consists in putting the charger of a phone in the socket up to half and then touch the exposed poles with a coin. This could lead to dangerous accidents, especially if small children are faced with this challenge and are not aware of the dangers they are exposed to.

The 10-year-old mother told all about her social accounts, where she wrote that because of the bad weather the family was gathered before Alexa for physical challenges: “The child wanted another and asked E

However, a challenge of this kind is far from safe since many metals lead to electricity and their insertion into the electrical sockets under tension could also cause fires. Fortunately, this did not happen because the mother prevented the child from following Alexa’s instructions.

Amazon, on its side, immediately released an update and in a note reported by Sky News explains that “our customers’ trust is at the center of what we do and Alexa is designed to give accurate, relevant and useful information”.

A few weeks ago on these pages we published the list of questions asked by the Italians to Alexa, and there is really fun to have.

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