Alexa Of Amazon Will Go To The Moon, And We With Her: Ai Will Be Part Of Nasa’s Mission

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Alexa is a real storyteller. Amazon’s voice assistant will be the first to travel in space, thanks to a close partnership between Amazon and Lockheed Martin that will integrate Alexa into the “Callisto” technology, which will travel on the Artemis I mission and facilitate communications

In the context of the project Callisto, which sees protagonists Amazon, Cisco and Lockheed Martin, is previewed the implementation of instruments of videoconference, artificial intelligence and technologies to activation voice in the ships without crew. Many compared the project to what was seen in Star Trek.

We don’t know if the implications will be the same, but the fact remains that Alexa will travel with Callisto in the Orion spacecraft, which will host in the successive stages of the Artemis program, the next astronauts who will return to the Mo

Lockheed Martin explains that Callisto “will provide real-time access to mission information for crew members and a virtual connection to Earth.”

Alexa will be the voice of Callisto, and even the users from home will be able to follow the journey with the dedicated command “Alexa, take me to the Moon” that will allow you to access all the updates on the mission. The project was announced at the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and we look forward to following all developments on our Echo.

A few months ago some analysts branded the lagoon of Artemis as unlikely in 2024.

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