Amazing Underwater Treasures Were Discovered Off An Ancient Roman City

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Today we tell you a story: we are in the 3rd century after Christ in Caesarea, on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. Here a storm struck a ship and the latter sank. There were also passengers with it, including a woman who died (or forgot her jewel) along with the ship… today we know about her thanks to a ring.

The ring in question, in fact, was found recently during an excavation conducted by some Israeli researchers who discovered them in the waters of the ancient port. The exhibit has a green gem set with an engraving of a young shepherd with a sheep on his shoulders. This is one of the first representations of Jesus.

Finding this picture on a ring is, however, rare. “The third century A.D. was a period when Christianity was just beginning,” said AFP Helena Sokolov, curator of the Monetary Department of the Israeli Authority for Antiquities. “Although it was definitely growing, especially in mixed cities like Caesarea.” Speaking of gem, recently in Africa the third largest diamond in the world was found.

At the same point the experts also found a red gem, which was supposedly set in a ring, with the image of a lira – the symbol of Apollo in Greek mythology known as “David’s Harp” in Jewish tradition. The objects were found during an underwater survey of two wrecks, sunk in the same port but a thousand years away (by the way, here is a German wreck dating back to World War II).

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