Amazon Aws Again Down: Widespread Problems With Twitch, Psn And Many Services – Updated

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Not even the time to recover from the previous Amazon Web Services blackout, also known as AWS, which Amazon reports a new KO on a global scale of their services. Many platforms are affected, from Twitch to PSN: the giant of the e-commerce does not seem to have peace.

It took a few minutes for the whole Internet to notice the problems that spread between games and streaming services. In the last few minutes on Downdetector are rainy reports of disguidi with Twitch, PlayStation Network, Apex Legends , the entire catalogue signed EA -, Cl The Italian and international peak of reports was reached quickly, allowing us to think about server-side problems and not isolated to individual titles.

On Twitter, confirmations from the various platforms have also come, as you can see from the official Twitch Support tweet. The official page dedicated to the state of the streaming service systems has not helped users to find information about its proper functioning, but by going to the official website AWS we can notice the reporting of… problems of connection of the US-West-1 and US-West server There are no problems with Amazon Web Services in the rest of the world, but this limited impact is sufficient to bring international damage.

Not known when they will be resolved, we will keep you updated.

Update 17:09 – In record time, Amazon identified the main cause of the disruptions with the Internet connection of servers and adopted the necessary measures to restore connectivity. This is not, apparently, a definitive solution, but the technicians are working to ensure the proper functioning of the services.

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