Amazon, Befana Brings Discounts On Iphone 13 From 128 Gigabytes

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After reporting the new Mediaworld flyer of January 2022, we move on Amazon today, to celebrate the arrival of Befana, offers a series of very interesting discounts on iPhone 13, top-of-the-range smartphones

iPhone 13 Amazon Discounts

No information, as in other circumstances, on the expiry date of tenders. However, it is good to point out that the estimates of shipment and delivery are not immediate. The blue variant will arrive at the home of users between 26 January and 23 February 2022, while the pink one between 31 January and 9 March, the same slot for the galaxy color, while if you opt for iPhone 13 PRODUCT RED you need

The AppleCare+ guarantee can also be added to the price list of Apple via the product sheet. Of course, Amazon also allows you to purchase extra accessories like case, earphone or other at the same time as your smartphones.

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