Amazon, Double Discount On 3D Printers And Accessories By Elegoo: There Is The Coupon

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After breaking the Kickstarter record with Elegoo Jupiter, Shenzhen’s manufacturer seems to be in an unstoppable rise with its affordable and performing 3D resin printers. We discover the new offers on Amazon Italy.

The start is with the excellent Elegoo Mars 2 Pro Mono, which is proposed at € 299,99 instead of 350, for a net saving of 14% and an additional coupon of 20 euros applicable to the product directly on the page, which brings the final price to 279,99 It is a printer with good solidity, equipped, compared to the previous iteration, with 2K monochrome display with greater cleanliness in contrasts and longevity compared to the traditional LCD colors. The printing volume is 129 x 80 x 160 mm. Two spare EFF films are free.

After the launch of the Elegoo Mars 3, the new MSLA desktop printer queen has literally invaded the market, soon becoming one of the most sought-after in the industry. The strengths? The 6,6 inch monochrome display increases resolution up to 4K in this version, for a higher pixel density, as well as the usual print speed and reliability. The new Elegoo Mars 3 is on offer on Amazon starting at 357.99 euros with the possibility to apply a coupon of 18 euros, for a final total of 339.99 euros.

Finally, there could not miss a promotion on the chatted washing and care kit Elegoo Mercury X, a rich bundle equipped with two dedicated machines, one for washing with capacity up to 7 liters and the other for care and The starting cost of 220 euros is further reduced by 20 euros thanks to the coupon on the page, which brings the final price to 200 euros.

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