Amazon Style: Physical Shop For Clothing, Footwear And Fashion

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Amazon’s adventure in the clothing sector began with the Prime Wardrobe service that also arrived in Italy in early September 2021. Seattle’s company wanted to take the next step in the US, precisely in Los Angeles, launching its first physical clothing store ever: Amazon Style.

This new type of physical shop of the colossus of the e-commerce will focus on clothing, footwear and other fashion accessories. The opening of the first store is scheduled at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles and will take place by the end of 2022.

As you can expect, this store will be full of cutting-edge shopping tools: interesting are the QR codes on coat hangers that, once scanned, will allow the customer to select the size of interest, colors, display re In addition, you can go to a dressing room and select with a tablet wall mounted the items to try, receiving them directly on site without the need to rumble through the shelves. In addition, algorithms will select clothes of possible liking and send them to the dressing room to try them out.

Amazon Style will support Amazon One, the proprietary technology that will allow you to make payments simply with the palm of your hand, technical device necessary for verification of identity. As it is associated with a smartphone, ergo all of Amazon’s authentication, the system will not need any other solutions to quickly complete purchases. According to the company’s statements, this store will be able to make better use of space by offering more than twice the number of styles and items than a traditional store of the same size.

Finally, although it is a almost fully automated point of sale, there will be no shortage of employees on site for customer service, i.e. for assistance to the cash register, the management of payments, warehouse and delivery of items to the dressing rooms. I wonder if he’ll be in Italy too!

In the meantime, Amazon today announced the availability in Italy of Echo Show 15.

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