Amazon, What A Discount On The Smart Monitor Samsung 2021: Below 200 Euros!

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In the context of the September offers signed Amazon, an intriguing promotion for a Samsung smart monitor released in 2021 appeared on the well-known e-commerce portal.

More specifically, the Samsung Smart Monitor M5 (S27AM502) is sold at 199.90 euros on Amazon Italy. From the local version of the official portal of Andy Jassy’s company we learn that previously the cost of the product amounted to 279 euros. This means that the possible savings is 28%, so the discount is 79.10 euros. By the way, you do not even pass for third-party dealers, since the product is sold and shipped directly from Amazon.

In any event, the promotion launched by Amazon will remain active for a limited period of time. In fact, the moment we write is a few hours before the end of the offer, as Andy Jassy’s company decided to make it available only for a certain amount of time. As for the technical data sheet of Samsung Smart Monitor M5, in this case reference is made to the recently released model that features a 27-inch panel with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). There are also the main smart apps, from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video. For the rest, do not make the mistake of confusing the product with a TV: in this case it is a monitor.

In case you are wondering, we have not been able to find this specific model on the official website of MediaWorld or on the website of Unieuro. In short, the offer launched by Amazon could actually make a certain type of user feel a bit at ease.

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