Amazon Will Open A Warehouse In Mexico Near A Slum: Photos Are Viral

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They are making a lot of talk about the photographs taken in Tijuana, Mexico, of a new maxi Amazon plant of 21 million Dollars. The reasons are to be found in the fact that the warehouse borders with a shantytown.

As can be seen from the image at the opening and present at the bottom, published by Vice, the plant shows the sharp contrast with the homes of the dilapidated and the absolute poverty with which the inhabitants of the settlement have to deal.

The sparkling complex with the logo of the Seattle giant is in conflict with the impoverished surroundings, and the difference is even more evident in a photograph taken from above and published on Twitter, which also quickly became viral on social media.

Tijuana will be Amazon’s sixth warehouse in Mexico, and in this regard an e-commerce spokesman said that “since our arrival in Mexico, Amazon has created more than 15,000 jobs across the country, creating job opportunities with wages and benefits Our wages and benefits strengthen local communities and these investments help these areas to grow and build a better future.

This will be Amazon’s first warehouse built on the US border, as San Diego is a few kilometres away. Amazon’s spokesman said that it will give 250 people a job: “Tijuana is one of the most important cities in northern Mexico and our presence will allow us to generate hundreds of jobs, for the benefit of both the local community and our customers in the region,” says the

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