Amd Presents The New Radeon Pro W6400: The “Queen” Gpu For Professionals

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“A top-of-the-range video card is not always required, but that doesn’t mean compromises anymore.” With this assumption, AMD welcomes the new “queen” of professional video cards on the scene.

The Radeon Pro W6400 is a video card designed to make life easier for those looking for a new generation solution, sufficiently performing and equipped with the latest technology standards, including Ray Tracing hardware and a new generation of software.

Under the body takes place a GPU Navi 24 with RDNA2 architecture, in fact the sister for workstation of the already announced Radeon RX 6500 XT and that shares with its analogous gaming also the production process.

As for the real specifications, we are faced with a chip equipped with 768 Stream Processor and it is, in all respects, the first professional video card with 6 nanometers, equipped with 4GB of GDDR6 memory on 64-bit bus and

Communication is carried out under PCIe Gen4 standards but also here, as on the 6500 XT, only on four channels. Its arrival on the market is expected by Q1 2022, while the starting price suggested by the manufacturer is $ 229, although, continuing with the similarities, its availability at these figures may not be discounted, as we have already had the opportunity to ascertain with the prices

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