Amd Radeon Rx 6500Xt, This Is What The Gpu Navi 24 Could Be Like.

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Waiting to find out if RX 6500XT and RX 6400 are actually going to be at 6nm, AMD’s new mainstream solutions continue to hold for multiple factors. In the last few hours, a snap led by the Videocardz guys has been getting a little bit of a fight on the new chip.

It is most likely advertising material that will be published following the official announcement of these two video cards. However, on the right margin you can see a chip still unreleased in the family and indeed all clues seem to be related to the GPU Navi 24.

Smaller than the brothers, this entry level chip should have an area of approximately 141 mm2, so even smaller than the last generation equivalent with RDNA architecture, i.e. the Navi 14 at 7 nanometers.

Returning to the rumor field, the 6500 XT should arrive on the market equipped with half of the clusters present on Navi 23, therefore 16 instead of 32, for 64 Stream Processor each and a total of 1024 Core. The video memory should be the same for both 6500 XT and 6400, both with 4GB of GDDR6 memory cut on 64-bit bus, but everything remains to be confirmed.

It is not certain, moreover, that these cards make their debut on the stage of CES 2022 in the keynote AMD, where instead we will be more likely to hear only talk about it.

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