Amd Radeon Super Resolution: What Changes With Amd Fsr?

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During a crackling conference at CES 2022 AMD presented Radeon’s new features, including the new mainstream RX 6500XT graphics solution. A detail that, however, struck the most attentive, was the Radeon Super Resolution revel. What is it?

During our FidelityFX Super Resolution test we highlighted the goodness of this solution in contrast to a deterioration of the image that is definitely marginal to presets particularly targeted to quality. Although good and performing, this spatial upsampling technology is subject to a diffusion closely linked to the will of the developer game to implement it. To address this problem, AMD dropped the bomb directly on the digital stage of Las Vegas.

The new Radeon Super Resolution is an FSR-based scaling method, but implemented directly in the Adrenalin driver package. This will result in immediate compatibility with a stock stock almost unlimited resulting from the possibility of applying scaling directly at system level, even if the title is not explicitly compatible with FidelityFX Super Resolution.

In the software details, on the official website, you can read that “the next version, which should be available in the first quarter of 2022, includes AMD Radeon Super Resolution (RSR), a new upscale space technology based on the driver. Founded on the same algorithm as AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, RSR will offer new levels of performance with almost native resolution gaming experiences in any game run in exclusive fullscreen mode based on AMD RDNA and newer graphics.”

The previous rumor on Radeon Super Resolution, in which we talked about a compatible technology, were confirmed, as Adrenalin drivers, only with AMD GPUs, and especially only on those titles on the market that provide for the

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