Amd Will Anticipate Details On Zen 4 At Ces 2022: Great Announcements In The Rest Of The Year

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On 4 January 2022 AMD will participate in the CES in Las Vegas to show the public new CPU and GPU models for every need. Among the ads expected are the next generation Ryzen 6000 for laptops, or even the Threadripper PRO 5000 processors for high-end desktops. About architecture Zen 4, however, is there news?

In an interview with CrazyTechLab, the CTO of the red team Mark Papermaster actually showed the public that some details about Zen4 will be mentioned at CES 2022, but that the most important announcements will all be released during the rest of the We are excited to reveal some additional details about the launches of our new products that will offer phenomenal experiences and, as we said, later this year we will share more details about Zen 4, some will be mentioned at the ESC, while the rest during 2022 It will be a very exciting year for AMD

Papermaster has therefore almost already confirmed that the event in Las Vegas will not see the reveal of specifications and fundamental details about the new architecture, except surprises, but some key information such as anticipation. The official announcement of the new range of CPUs

AMD’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said at the end of November that the semiconductor crisis will end in 2023.

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