Amd Will Update The Radeon Rx 6000 Gpus, But Don’t Expect Any Major Improvements

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The AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs have been on the market, although with relatively limited availability, for about a year. Given their successful audience, it seems that AMD would be ready to launch a refresh of the series in the second quarter of 2022: this is what Chiphell reports, who received a “blow” from the user wjm47196.

The AMD GPU refresh with RDNA2 architecture is expected to arrive in the next quarter, so between early April and late June, and could also bring with it a branding similar to that adopted by AMD for its mobile GPUs. At the moment, among the components that will undergo a refresh are mentioned the AMD GPU Navi 22 and Navi 21, even if the update could be only minor, at least in technical terms.

The AMD GPU Navi 21 and Navi 22, for the moment, are the basis of the graphics cards Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT and RX 6700 XT, whose refresh could therefore be called Radeon According to the latest rumors, GPUs should receive a Memory Die GDDR6 at 18 Gbps: a significant improvement compared to predecessors, which so far only reached 16 Gbps.

This should allow a higher bandwidth and improved performance of between 2% and 5%, which does not seem to suggest a great improvement compared to the previous iteration of the series. Moreover, AMD will probably not publish refresh for the GPU Navi 23, whose release has been more recent than that of the Navi 21 and Navi 22, which are now on the market for more than a year.

In all probability, however, the refresh of the GPU Navi 21 and Navi 22 will not bring with it great improvements and will be deprived of the changes of weight so demanded from the users, like the noised switch to a chipset to 6 nm, that would instead have

However, according to the leaks, the new GPUs will be placed in the medium-high price range, competing with the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs, which should see the light of the market in the second quarter of 2022.

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