Android 12, Google Calculator And Watch Receive The Material You Design: Here’s How They Are

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Just yesterday Google released Android 12 Beta 5 l latest beta before the stable release of the new version of the green robot operating system. Google Calculator and Google Clock have been updated on the occasion of Beta 5, thus obtaining the Material You design that characterizes the next OS.

This news was also taken up by colleagues from 9to5Google, who spoke specifically about the latest update to Google 8.0 Calculator: the new design is evident, with pastel colors automatically selected by the system depending on the background or the Basically, the system offers a black or white background based on whether or not the dark mode is activated, with the upper pane adopting a lighter tone than the buttons below. Finally, you can see a completely different tone for the AC button.

Google Watch 7.0 also receives the Material You design, adding the answer to the background or theme colors selected by the system, with more or less light and colorful accents. The timer page also receives a big change with the central circular display and the three buttons at the bottom of the display, the largest central one of which has a different accent exactly as in the case of the AC button.

Still in the Google world, the Mountain View giant recently released a new trailer for Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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