Android Or Ios? Neither: Here’s What Edward Snowden Thinks

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In the long series of events that led to him becoming a public character, the most significant certainly concerns Snowden’s accusations to the United States. But what smartphone does an industrial espionage expert and former CIA and NSA technician use?

In a long series of tweets, published by Edward Snowden’s official Twitter account, we learn that it is not only the choice of the device itself, but the software that animates it. Android and iOS operating systems, according to the former informant, are not completely reliable as they present an innumerable amount of vulnerabilities that make them dangerous especially in some contexts, such as iMessage or simply web browsers.

As for its specific preferences, Snowden admits that at the present time it would use “Daniel Micay GrapheneOS as an Operating System. I would unseal the microphones and use mobile, WiFi and Bluetooth networks only the essential strait, turning them off when I don’t need them. Also, I would devout my traffic through Tor.”

In short, certainly not the first come and certainly not applicable for all users, especially when it comes to installing ROM or worse, to put hand to a welder to eliminate microphones. GrapheneOS, on the other hand, is an open source project that aims to guarantee privacy and security while maintaining compatibility with Android apps. Something close, in the premises, to what was proposed by the discussed Freedom Phone by Erik Finman, who promised freedom of speech but with a recipe that was profoundly different.

With GrapheneOS the situation is clearly very different and it is an operating system for which Jack Dorsey also expressed interest, with a particularly cryptic and unspoken endorsement.

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