Anonymous Artist Sells Almost 267 Thousand Nfts At Record Number Of 91.8 Million Dollars

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The interest of the artists for the NFTs has not gone unnoticed to anyone. Just at the end of November, director Terry Gilliam also made available his NFT at auction. There are also emerging artists who want to be successful in the sector, including Pak who, last weekend, sold almost 267 thousand NFTs for 91.8 million Dollars.

Over 28,000 collectors gathered on the Nifty Gateaway platform between Thursday 2 December and Saturday 4 December 2021 to invest in The Merge, a collection of exactly 266,445 NFT sold by the artist The auction saw every single NFT proposed at 575 Dollars, or 299 Dollars in the case of collectors already in possession of NFT signed Pak; however, then, every six hours the price increased by 25 Dollars. In addition, in the event of a bulk purchase of tokens, the initiative “buy 10” was proposed, and received a free one.

The particularity of the auction in question concerns the definition of the NFTs and the premium mechanism for those who would have bought more: Pak, in fact, defined each individual token as mass and, by purchasing more units, mass of the

Yes, because depending on the number of units purchased, the investors concerned will receive a different artwork with unique attributes, all saved in the blockchain. At this point it is necessary to note that no one, except for buyers, will know the actual aspect of the final NFTs resulting from the union of the individual It is a rather complex definition, but the juice of all this is that, according to Nifty Gateaway, this would be the largest sale of art pieces by a living artist. A classification already subject to debate, given the traditional precedents of works by Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, but which already shows the potential of the NFTs.

Also about Non-fungible Token, it has caused so much stir recently the sale of a virtual yacht for 650 thousand Dollars.

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