Apple Already At Work On Iphone Se 2024: Coming With Face Id, Wireless Charging And 5G

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According to the latest rumors, Apple has already started the production of iPhone SE 2022, but it should maintain the same design as the 2020 version. However, the colossus of Cupertino according to the last rumors would be at work already on the variant coming in 2024, which should bring with it important new features.

In terms of design, in fact, they are expected to be full-bodied changes and according to the leader Dylandkt Apple should adopt the same design as iPhone XR or iPhone 11, with the size of the display that apparently will be smaller than

iPhone SE 2024 will then most likely integrate the notch that according to the latest rumor will be removed from iPhone 14, with its Face ID and support to the wireless charging Qi. The leader also mentions 5G support, but does not observe whether the modem will be provided by Qualcomm or developed by Apple.

This is very important as the latest rumors claim that Apple will use its proprietary 5G chips in the iPhone 2023 range.

Previously, some rumors had observed that the 2022 iPhone SE would also have a design similar to iPhone Xr, with fingerprint reader mounted on the side button. However, the latest rumors go in the opposite direction.

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