Apple And The Curious Case Of The Iphone Broken By The Vibrations Of The Bikes

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In the middle of the marasma caused by the ruling on the legal battle between Apple and Fortnite, who saw the partially winner of the Colossus of Cupertino forcing Epic Games to appeal, a new curious story sees the protagonist of the

According to the official page of the support, in fact, it seems that motorcyclists could use caution in choosing the next smartphone. Apple has explicitly warned potential buyers and already owners of a possible permanent damage to the photographic sector of its devices if exposed to vibrations produced, for example, by a motorcycle.

Apparently, devices equipped with OIS, i.e. optical image stabilization systems, and those with closed circuit autofocus, would be affected. These technologies could be permanently compromised in operation if exposed to high-width vibrations such as those generated by motorcycles’ engines.

But what are the models involved? Starting with the iPhone 7, virtually all of them, as well as the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S Plus. Apple’s response comes after a list of countless reports from users who have found themselves an unusable photographic sector sometimes even after a few kilometers.

If the bikes are finished, however, it should be noted that many users have provided feedback also for different scenarios, including mountain bike excursions.

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