Apple Ar: An Artist Creates The First 3D Rendering Of The Cupertino Viewer

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Apple AR is now identified with the illustration you find at the top of this news, which was published by The Information portal a few months ago and which is based on a semi-defining prototype of the viewer. The artist Ian Zelbo, therefore, thought of turning the illustration into a 3D render of Apple AR.

The result obtained by Zelbo is visible in the image at the bottom, and should rather faithfully reflect the shape of the Cupertino viewer, which should be launched by Apple at the end of 2022. For its concept, Zelbo has based itself on a series of information leaked online via leak and rumor: for example, Zelbo has decided to rely on the assumptions of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, according to which Apple AR will be a de

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the device will have an advanced motion control system: even, the gesture controls could be the basis of Apple AR’s success, for the Chinese analyst. Based on these speculations and the lack of images of any controllers for Apple AR, Zelbo has decided to draw a viewer without controllers, which should be replaced by the movement of the user’s hands.

Finally, Zelbo designed the three-dimensional project with dimensions that contain the chipset necessary for the headset operation because, always according to speculations by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple AR will mount an M1 chip under the body, and not

In short, the concept seems to summarize all the lead on Apple AR in recent months: to them we feel like adding only that, according to some insiders, Apple would be “working with developers on a large number of applications” which should be ready for the However, Apple AR’s starting prices will be very high: according to Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman, Apple AR will be sold to around 3000 Dollars.

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