Apple, Are There Any Problems With Iphone Production For Christmas?

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Nightmare Before Christmas. Quoting the title of the 1993 animated film designed by Tim Burton (which literally means “pre-Christmas nightmare”), a report suggests that the production chain linked to iPhones is not doing exactly well during this chip shortage period.

Deepening up the 9to5Mac and MacRumors reports, a report by Nikkei Asia describes a scenario where Apple would be increasingly “pressureing” suppliers to improve the delivery time of iPhone and iPad In fact, as you probably know, the situation is not exactly the most rosy in this respect.

In this context, production would have stopped for several days in October 2021 for the first time in over a decade due to various issues, from Chinese restrictions related to the use of electricity to the well-known problems that are happening at supply chain level The chip shortage would also make it unnecessary to make employees work more and pay them more, as they would still not be able to solve the problem. I mean, it seems like there’s a “unpublished” situation.

In other words, think that there is a 20% production lower than Apple’s target for September and October 2021. In addition, it seems that the company in Cupertino has already reduced the number of units of iPhone 13 to be produced by at least 10 million (it would have gone from the initial 95 million to the current 83 million). In total, considering the production of other generations of iPhone, Apple would be “back” by about 15 million units compared to the total target of producing 230 million iPhone in 2021.

In short, the situation does not seem to be the best because of various issues, which united seem to have created an important problem, even if you are beginning to rumor that the availability of iPhone 13 could improve at the beginning of 2022. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, according to 9to5Mac and TechCrunch, a search by Sensor Tower pointed out that in 2021 Apple’s App Store is generating more revenue than the Play Store. Think that we refer to 85.1 billion dollars (in a total market of 133 billion dollars), for an annual growth of 17.7%. In short, it seems that the company of Cupertino can be considered satisfied, at least from the point of view of software.

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