Apple Confirms: Dj Sets And Mixes Soon Coming Up On Apple Music!

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Apple Music will soon welcome DJ sets and mix of songs thanks to the features of Shazam, which the giant of Cupertino bought in 2018: the announcement comes as a surprise, since the latest experiments on this date back to 2016, when Apple added

The reproduction of DJ sets has always been problematic for Spotify and Apple Music: on the issue of the attribution of copyright and payments, in fact, DJs have never managed to agree with the owners of mixed songs.

Apple’s move seems to change the cards on the table: using Shazam’s technology, Apple Music will be able to recognize the songs in the mix and share the payouts equally between the DJs and the holders of the original rights on the song The new feature will also allow you to see the names of the single tracks present in the DJ sets and jump from one to the other as you like. In addition, the application will even recognize the event for which the set was produced, creating playlists by author, gender and event.

Once the feature is implemented, you can listen to your favorite DJs in Dolby Atmos and Lossless audio thanks to Apple Music in its updated version, while Apple Music may introduce a Hi-F subscription

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