Apple Doesn’t Trust Folding Smartphone Technologies: No Iphone Fold?

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According to some rumors of the last seven-year period, Apple will launch two foldable iPhones in 2023, which will probably be equipped with “wallet” and “shell” form factor respectively. Today, the well-known Dylandkt leader has provided some interesting insights into the work on folding iPhones.

In a series of tweets, Dylandkt said that Apple is working on its first folder device, but is not convinced that the technologies are sufficiently advanced to allow the creation and marketing of a smartphone of the same quality as the i In particular, Apple would be unhappy with the many compromises to which folding technologies, especially for hinges and screens, would force it to descend.

According to Dylandkt, “while other manufacturers are selling products that look like beta, Apple wants to make sure that design is not a step back compared to the current iPhone form factor. They are more interested in playing in the long run and see how technology progresses.” According to MacRumors, in particular, Apple would like to make sure that the screen and hinges are durable enough before the device is put on the market, as a fragile phone could ruin the identity of iPhone brands.

Alongside legitimate technological concerns, Apple is concerned about the popularity of foldable smartphones: in particular, the company fears that the demand for folding phones will soon fade and that they will quickly become obsolete in the coming years, as technologies

Rumor on the iPhone foldable, however, have been circulating for six years now, while in 2021 Ming Chi Kuo had confirmed the existence of a foldable iPhone, however, establishing that it would be launched in 2023 “as soon as possible.” Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, on the other hand, said at the beginning of 2021 that Apple had “started work” on a phone with a folding display, but that it would take several years before it was released on the market.

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