Apple: Engineer Who Led The Transition To M1 Chips Left The Company

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According to the anticipations given by numerous leaders, Apple will be placing a lot of money on Macs in 2022, releasing new Macbook Air, an iMac “Pro” and a new Mac Pro. However, plans for the Apple next year may have been put at risk by the loss of a central employee in the design of the Macs, Jeff Wilcox.

Wilcox was Director of System Architecture of Macs, and announced last week that he left Apple to start working with another rival company, Intel. Wilcox, as written on his LinkedIn profile, has played a central role in the transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon chips, which have occurred in recent years and have not yet been completed.

Before “driving the transition” to M1 chips, Wilcox developed the SoC and system architecture of T2 coprocessors, used on Macs with Intel chipsets. The engineer’s LinkedIn profile, in fact, reports: “Director of the Mac System Architecture team, which includes all system architecture, signal integrity and current integrity for Mac systems. I led the transition for all Macs to Apple Silicon, started with M1 chips, and developed the SoC and system architecture behind T2 coprocessors.”

Wilcox has worked for Apple for eight years, but since this week he has taken on the position of Design Engineer Group CTO for Intel. According to the engineer, he will be responsible for the architecture of all SoCs designed for the company’s customers. For Wilcox, the transfer to Intel is a sort of “return home,” since before working for Cupertino the engineer had a contract with the house of Santa Clara, working as an engineer on the design of chipsets for PC.

We do not know what the impact of Jeff Wilcox’s resignation on the new Macs of 2022 and the years to come will be. But surely Intel has managed to put Apple in trouble: it is unclear if this will impact on Cupertino’s roadmap for completing the transition to Apple Silicon, also because in 2022 Macs with Intel chipsets will be released again.

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