Apple Has Solved Safari’s Security Breach, But The Fix Might Be Waiting

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A couple of days ago, an expert’s analysis of computer science revealed that Safari for Mac and iPhone has a serious security breach that exposes the personal data of users when they perform online searches. The expert also reported that Apple had been aware of the problem for months, but would not do anything to solve it.

Today, however, the MacRumors portal reports that Apple has prepared a fix for the breach, which may not be published shortly. The vulnerability, we remember, is linked to the incorrect implementation by WebKit of a Java API, IndexedDB. The result of this error was catastrophic, since now each website can collect information about who visits it through Safari, finding, among other things, usernames and passwords saved on the browser and personal data of users.

MacRumors identified the presence of an Apple commit on GitHub linked to WebKit that should definitely fix the flaw. The news will bring a sigh of relief to many users, but it may not be all roses and flowers: Apple hasn’t officially released the fix yet, which may take even a few weeks to get an official release, which could even occur with the new MacOS Monte

According to MacRumors, Apple has not released a Safari fix launch window, which could be on Cupertino’s devices in a long time. We would also like to point out that the bug discoverer, the author of the FingerprintJS blog, has published a demo that uses the flaw to show users what and how much data can be stolen from a website.

At the moment, it also seems that the bug does not concern Safari on MacOS Big Sur, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, so users who have not yet updated their devices can sleep quietly.

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