Apple, Higher Prices For The Next Iphone? To Recommend It A Report

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Bad news for those who are interested in buying the new iPhone 13. According to Bain & Company analyst Peter Hanbury, the price increase reported by TSMC to customers last months, which could be 20%, could bring an important increase on the cost of the next smartphones and PCs

Hanbury believes that price increases on smartphones and PCs will be “notable” due to the decision of TSMC, which could suggest a higher cost for the next generation of iPhones.

The news of the increase in chip cost by TSMC was largely in the air and follows what other companies did. TSMC already charges 20% more production fees than other companies, but the investment costs continue to increase and evidently the company has transferred this burden to its customers who, cascade, could transfer it to the final consumers by increasing the prices of the products.

According to Nikkei, TSMC would also take steps to block the practice of “double booking,” i.e. when partners place higher orders than actual demand. This ensures additional space on the production line and support by chip manufacturers.

TSMC, according to Nikkei, is still processing existing orders that were put in standby due to shortage. Of course, these will not be affected by the price increase, which should come into force on October 1.

A few hours ago, meanwhile, the alleged technical specifications of iPhone 13 emerged online.

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