Apple, How Did The Company Respond To Appletoo?

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The days of early September 2021 are particularly lively for Apple. No, we do not only refer to the “diatribe” with Epic Games, but also to various other issues. For example, to the AppleToo movement.

In fact, in a “intricate” period when the company of Cupertino is preparing for the launch of the iPhone 13 range, another “grain” has arrived for the company. As the most attentive among you will remember, in August 2021 AppleToo was formed, a protest movement composed of employees of Tim Cook’s company. The latter accused the company of carrying out “persistent injustices” and aims to collect stories of this kind, trying to provide “a safe place” to those who want to tell the alleged internal problems of the company. In this context, the AppleToo portal has been launched.

Cupertino’s company has never officially commented on the matter. However, according to the reports from MacRumors and PhoneArena, on 6 September 2021, or Labor Day, an Apple vice president would have addressed the problem for the first time in a video inside the company, but never

Apparently, the above-mentioned vice president would have encouraged employees who are experiencing problems to discuss it with managers and partners. This suggests that Apple is conducting internal investigations to understand what went wrong and try to “set” the situation. In any case, at official level little is known about the story, since the information reported is leaked online.

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