Apple: In 2022 Goodbye To Macbook Air? Apparently, But It’s Just A Branding Issue

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Last week, the well-known insider Mark Gurman made his predictions for Apple’s 2022 lineup, within which should feature as many as five different Mac and Macbook models. Gurman, in fact, spoke of a new iMac, a redesign of Macbook Air, a Macbook Pro entry-level, a Mac Mini and a Mac Pro.

Given the high number of output products in the next year, Apple would be working on branding some of them to avoid confusion between devices. In particular, according to the insider Dylandkt, it would be rather problematic to place the new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro “entry-level” which could have a virtually identical market.

So Apple would like to rename Macbook Air simply as Macbook, permanently distinguishing the line of “standard” devices designed for the general public from that of laptops with features (and price) designed for graphics, video editors and anyone who needs to

Apple has already sold Macbooks in the past without the name “Air”: in particular, the latter were put on the market between 2006 and 2012, and then again between 2015 and 2019. Apple’s latest Macbook, the one in 2019, had a design and features very similar to what would then be the Macbook Air of 2020, which is why in the last two years no other computers of the same line have been produced.

Another interesting change could come in the iMac line: in particular, so far the company in Cupertino has sold two main iMac models, that is the 21.5″ and the 27″ models. This year, however, the iMac 21.5″ was replaced by the 24″ iMac, equipped with M1 chips. Instead, the 27″ model has not yet received any refreshes with the Apple Silicon chipset.

According to Insider Dylandkt, therefore, a new 27″ iMac with M1 chipset will be launched in 2022, presumably in the Pro or Max variant, which will be called iMac Pro. The iMac Pro should therefore differ from the iMac “standard” from 24″ because of the most powerful chipset, the largest screen and a complete redesign, which will also bring new doors.

With these structural and branding adjustments, Apple aims to simplify its Mac line, as well as to make it more consistent, in terms of nomenclature, with iPhones. In other words, since 2022, the Apple Mac lineup should be composed of six types of devices:

Macbook (ex-Macbook Air)

Macbook Pro

iMac (ex-iMac 24″)

iMac Pro (ex-iMac 27″)

Mac Pro

Mac Mini

The cost of this would be only the iMac 21″, whose production should be definitively finished. It is possible that this name will also be used for Apple Watches from 2022, when an Apple Watch Series 8 will be launched in “ruggedized” version, which according to Dylandkt could be called “Apple Watch Series 8 Pro.” On the contrary, it seems that the name “Air” will not be abandoned very soon by the iPads, among which the Air line is the most popular on the market.

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