Apple Is Still Returning Universal Control: Launch On Mac And Ipad In 2022

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In the presentation of macOS Monterey, Apple has long focused on Universal Control, the function that allows you to share mouse and keyboard between Mac and iPad that, however, is still not available to the public and will obviously be

The new macOS Monterey 12.1 launched yesterday evening in fact introduced on Mac SharePlay, but not the Universal Control that continues to be expected by users.

As many have noticed, however, the colossus of Cupertino has silently updated the information page of macOS Monterey where he added that the Universal Control will be available “this spring,” without spreading much information on the reasons of this ‘ At this point everything suggests that we will see the feature with macOS 12.2, which will presumably be launched next year.

Among the functions introduced by Universal Control, in addition to the ability to share a single keyboard and mouse on multiple devices, there is also the content sharing system between multiple devices: in this way users will be able to choose where to do the work based “A single keyboard and mouse or trackpad now work perfectly between your Mac and the iPad: they’ll connect even to more than one Mac or iPad,” Apple said about the feature. ♪ Move the cursor from your Mac to your iPad, type on your Mac and look at the words that appear on your iPad, or drag and drop content from one Mac to another” you read on the

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