Apple Is “Watching Carefully” At Cryptocurrencies, Word Of Tim Cook

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Last November, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said he owns cryptocurrencies and said that Apple looks carefully at digital coins in technological terms, considering them as an innovation that he could invest in one day. Today, in a new interview reported by 9to5Mac, Cook has returned to the relationship between Apple and the cryptocurrencies.

In the course of the interview, Apple’s CEO stated that “[the cryptocurrencies] are something we are looking at, even if we do not have immediate plans that concern them. I mean, there are things I wouldn’t want to do with Apple’s corporate balance sheet: I wouldn’t go and invest it in crypto, but not because I wouldn’t do it with my personal savings, simply because I don’t think

In short, Apple’s interest in cryptocurrencies is not financial, but technological: Cook also stated that “we have no plans to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for our products, but there are other things we are looking closely at.

Apple is likely to implement the cryptocurrencies in Apple Pay in the near future: the company of Cupertino is in fact trying to diversify the functions of Wallet and Apple Pay, allowing, in addition to credit card payments, also services previously reserved for

The inclusion of crypto portfolios in Apple Pay seems to be a natural evolution for the Cupertino ecosystem, which could quickly allow the movement of cryptocurrencies from one digital wallet to another and which could facilitate trading operations, using

Another possibility is that Apple opens an Exchange of proprietary cryptocurrencies, asking its customers to pour their savings into other digital Wallets, even if this possibility seems far more remote.

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