Apple Launches Investigation Into Iphone Production Plant: Food Poisoning Blocks Everything

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Bad new ones on the Cupertino front: due to an epidemic of food poisoning in an iPhone production plant run by partner Foxconn, Apple will face several commercial issues and more. The first step will be an independent investigation of poor working and living conditions in the plant.

As taken up by the Reuters press agency, following the hospitalization of 150 people, the workers of the plant in question decided to strike, thus stopping the production of iPhone until the conclusion of the investigations by the third agency called by Apple.

A survey by Reuters led to the discovery of some unpleasant details on the issue: women in the plant worked in extremely difficult conditions, forced to sleep on the ground in crowded dormitories and to share toilets without running water. Foxconn quickly apologized for the bad conditions and has already agreed to upgrade its facilities by providing drinking water, improving the environments for its employees in total.

Nevertheless, there have been many criticisms of Apple for the same working conditions in the past. A spokesman for the US company explained to the microphones of BBC News that they are working with Foxconn to ensure that a complete series of corrective actions is implemented quickly, so that 17,000 workers can return to the plant and operate in the right

Internally, meanwhile, Apple has inserted a sort of anti-Meta clause for its employees, with juicy bonuses for those who will not switch to competition

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