Apple Launches New Version Of Maps With Pedestrian Data And Better Navigation In Italy

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Apple has announced the launch in Italy of the new version of the Mappe app, that it is able to offer a faster and more accurate navigation but also a wide range of news relative to navigation that is faster and more accurate and offers complete views of roads, buildings, parks, airports,

As we show in the screenshots at the bottom, the news are really many and go to expand the user experience that is faster and more accurate.

Added to this is the function “Siri indicators” with the natural language that offers indications from the most natural sound and easy to follow as “at the next traffic light, turn left” while the indications to choose the lane help to avoid wrong turns and errors of There is also electronic speed control that warns users when they approach the cameras for speed controls and red traffic lights along the route.

Users can also share a scheduled arrival time with the feature Sharing arrival time with family, friends and colleagues through a simple touch or asking Siri.

At the heart of the experience will always be privacy: Maps offers customized functions using on-device intelligence.

The Watched Around Maps feature also offers interactive street-level images with high resolution 3D photographs and smooth and continuous transitions across Italy. Also present are the Guides, which are set up as real travel guides created by a series of sources such as Lonely Planet, Culture Trip and Louis Vuitton City Guides, but also the Favorites to start the

In addition, with the new iOS 15 coming in in the coming weeks will also be available to Italian users information on public transport: you can find the nearest stations and set the alerts when it is almost time to get off, even on Apple Watch. The new OS will also bring real-time information such as service interruptions, which are based on user reports.

The Cupertino giant should announce the launch date of iOS 15 during the Apple keynote of September 14.

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