Apple: Mac Pro M1 Will Be Released At The End Of 2022, Completed The Transition To Apple Silicon

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One of the biggest innovations in the 2022 Apple product lineup should be the new Mac Pro 2022, the first refresh of the line since 2019, when Cupertino’s home launched the latest commercial Mac Pro model. According to the Dylandkt leader, however, the changes introduced by the new Mac Pro will be huge.

First of all, as we already expected, Dylandkt confirmed that the new Mac Pro will be announced at the end of 2022, probably during Apple’s October keynote. Dylandkt then explained that Mac Pro will definitely adopt an M1 chipset, moving away from rumors that Apple will prefer a dual configuration for Mac Pro 2022, with a variant with Intel chipset and one with M1 chipset.

The leader also explained that the Mac Pro M1 chip will be more powerful than the M1 Pro chip, currently mounted on the Macbook Pro 2021 and that it could also be on iMac Pro 2022, which is likely to be out by the middle of this year. Dylandkt, in particular, talks about a “dual” M1 Pro, a chip consisting of two M1 Pros, or at least an M1 Pro chip with extra hardware to support it.

In particular, the leader explains that the chip could have up to 40 Core CPUs and 128 Core GPUs, a decided step forward compared to the M1 chip, which reaches 10 Core CPUs and 32 Core GPUs. In practice, the chip Mac Pro will be equipped with should have the quadruple of the Cores of M1 Pro and M1 Max, far from the latter in terms of power.

It is also interesting to confirm by Dylandkt that Mac Pro will use an M1 chip, not an M2 chip as suggested by other leaders: in particular, the M2 chip may be under the shell of some devices released before

However, Dylandkt explains that the transition of Mac Pro to the M1 chip, along with that of Mac Mini and iMac Pro in the spring, should complete Apple’s transition to Apple Silicon, creating a “double” system where the

In fact, according to the leader in 2022 will release a 13″ Macbook Air and a 14″ Macbook Pro both equipped with M2 chips, along with the new iPad Pro M2, which will make the “jump” in the new generation of chips to devices brought

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