Apple Officially Touches $3,000 Billion, Microsoft Follows Solo

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The exclusive “Billionaires” club officially loses a piece. After Microsoft entered the 2000 billion-dollar companies, of which only the two tech giants of Cupertino and Redmond were part.

Waiting for Google and Amazon to wall the 2000s, Apple is the first company in the world to exceed $3,000 billion. A resounding rise, which allowed society to earn about 40% year-on-year, culminated in this historic milestone.

Apple itself was the first to exceed 2000 billion and remained the only and only one for a long time, at least until the launch of Windows 11, cost Apple exclusivity. A shared podium that lasted relatively little in tech terms. The first candle, instead, that of the 1000 billion, Apple has turned it off only in 2018, driven also by the great success of iPhone X.

It is certainly no coincidence that Apple of all was the first to achieve this goal. The whole market is in a stunning shape. Despite the crisis of the semiconductors raging on the market, in fact, the demand is very high for both products and services, whether it is the Android world, or Microsoft or Apple ecosystem. In this context, the first projections suggest a record Q1 2022, which could exceed $118 billion by tearing last year’s home record, which is over 111 billion.

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