Apple Releases Macos Monterey 12.1: Finally There Is Also Shareplay

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The latest beta for MacOS developers Monterey 12.1 was released last December 2nd, but now, a couple of weeks later, the Mac OS update makes its official debut and can be downloaded from all Macs and Macs

MacOS Monterey is 12.1 is the first major update of MacOS Monterey since its launch, which took place last October. The update comes punctually like a Swiss watch, since Apple always releases its main MacOS updates in the first half of December: MacOS Big Sur 11.1, for example, was released exactly a year ago, on December 14, 2020.

The most important feature introduced by MacOS Monterey 12.1 is SharePlay, which allows those who own a Mac to watch TV, listen to music and even play video games with their friends and family using FaceTime. SharePlay was presented at the last WWDC and is available on devices with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating system for a few weeks already.

SharePlay joins the integration between some apps and FaceTime, allowing all the people on call to listen to the same playlist or watch the same movie in sync, without the risk that someone will stay behind compared to others. These functions are guaranteed by Apple Music and Apple TV respectively, while Apple Fitness+ allows you to perform group exercises on FaceTime.

The new feature, however, does not only work with Apple’s apps and programs: on the contrary, the company of Cupertino has released its SharePlay APIs to all developers, allowing them to create experiences designed specifically for group calls on Face

Among other minor additions we find several functions already implemented on iOS, such as Legacy Contacts, which can be set to have access to the user’s iCloud account if the user gets seriously ill or dies, the Hascon function

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